Dr. Yerusalem Lanier

Dr. Yerusalem Lanier

Driven by the positive impact that she has on her patients, Dr. Yerusalem Lanier is healing the world one step at a time by relieving pain, improving function, treating infections, and preventing life-threatening complications in the field of Podiatry. After all, if our bodies are temples, they must stand on solid foundations. Dr. Lanier has devoted her life’s work to ensure the health and wellness of the foot and ankle and has grown into a leader in her field, operating four locations.

What initially inspired her to pursue this profession (and what keeps her interested in it), could be summarized essentially by this one sentiment: Dr. Lanier’s love for people. It was her love for her parents who have had many complications with their feet, from ailments such as gout and diabetes, that sparked her willingness and passion for helping others. 

The “joyful interactions” with her patients, her dedicated team, as well as others she comes in contact with throughout her day is held in high regard by the doctor as “a source of great satisfaction.” Dr. Yerusalem Lanier genuinely loves people, a hallmark of a great and skilled healer.

Dr. Lanier completed undergraduate studies in Nashville at Fisk University. She graduated from Kent State Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, then progressed to residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at St. Vincent Hospital outside Boston in Worcester, MA. After completing this specialty training, she moved back to Nashville and opened Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic. Dr. Lanier is excited to be adding an additional location in the near future, for a grand total of five locations from which to serve those in need of care. “Our patients often make long drives to get to us, which is why we’re excited our multiple locations are making it less of a chore for more and more in the Nashville area. Our Brentwood expansion makes it so much easier for our patients from the south side to get in to see us!”

Regarding who should actually be a patient, or rather, what qualifies one to have the need for a podiatrist, the doctor says “Not everyone needs to see a podiatrist. But if you are noticing any foot problems, we love to catch things early.” She goes on to offer her expertise: “Anyone with diabetes should get regular care to prevent major, potentially life and limb-threatening complications. If you have foot pain for any reason, we can tell you what the problem is and we can often fix it.”

Dr. Yerusalem Lanier continues to amaze us as one of the frontrunners of podiatric medicine, and we celebrate alongside her as she was recently honored as Nashville’s “Three Best Rated” in the field of Podiatry. There is no doubt that she is on the cutting edge of her field and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

By: Daryl K. Jones