Ingrown Toenail Removal Nashville, TN

Ingrown Toenail Removal Nashville, TN

Wondering what is an ingrown toenail? Well, this medical condition occurs in your toes and can get worse and cause symptoms like pain and redness. Read further to learn more about this toenail problem.

What Are Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail occurs when the corner of your toenail grows into the soft flesh of your toes. As a result, you experience inflamed skin, pain, infection, and swelling. Ingrown toenails typically affect the big toe.

What Causes Ingrown Nails?

This condition usually occurs when you cut your nail short, especially on the sides. As a result, new growth of nails pushes into your skin. Wearing tight shoes is also one of the reasons for ingrown toenails. This condition is more common in teenagers because they mistakenly cut their toes incorrectly when they are learning to groom themselves. Poor foot structure can also result in pressure that leads to ingrown nails.

What Are the Treatment Options for Ingrown Nails?

An ingrown toenail can be treated with different methods. This includes:

Home Treatment

Here are a few home remedies and techniques that you can try.

Use petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly on your toenail and its surroundings.

Soak your foot in Warm water

Bring warm soapy water and soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Does it three times daily for a couple of days until you notice your improvements?

Opt for comfortable shoes

Look for comfortable shoes that don’t cause pain or discomfort. This will also help you prevent the condition.

Surgical Treatments

If your problem is serious, it’s best to consult an expert. The foot specialist will choose the following treatment options.

Tap your toenail

Experts will pull away your skin from the nail.

Remove the nail

If you are experiencing pus or pain in your toes, the doctor will trim or remove your toenails.

Use a gutter splint for your nail

The doctor may put a small slit tub under your nail so that the nail can grow above the edge of your skin.

Will My Ingrown Nail Need to Be Surgically Treated?

If your ingrown toenail gets worse, the inflammation, as well as drainage, pain, and swelling, will increase. Then doctors will try to resolve the problem with antibiotic ointment. If you still face the issue, they will offer you oral antibiotics. And if the problem gets worse, they will suggest surgical removal of the entire nail or part of the nail root.

What Are the Signs of Infection of an Ingrown Nail?

SwellingAn ingrown toenail can cause significant swelling in your toes. Not only this, but the swelling is a sign of infection in your toes. It’s crucial to visit your doctor when you notice swelling.

Redness in Your Toe

Continuous redness for a few days is a sign of infection and needs the doctor’s attention.


Swelling can cause warm feelings in your toes, and if it gets worse, you might have an infection in your toes.

OTC Care for Ingrown Toenail Removal

Cream or over-the-counter antiseptic ointment can cause healing and help eliminate the risk of infection. Choose the quality ointment or the one your doctor has suggested, and apply three times daily to eliminate the issue.

Reasons Why I Should Do a Virtual Visit for My Ingrown Nail?

Address Any Issues Immediately

It allows you to get immediate support and treatment for your health issue. Virtual visit prevents health conditions from getting worst.

You’ll save Time

There is no need to take out hours from your busy schedule to consult an expert. You can choose any date and time based on your availability/

You Won’t Have to Compromise on Quality Care

You can still get good treatment and the best expert advice by staying home.

Cuts Back on Costs

Save your money on the commute and offer affordable consultant fees.

Why Should I Choose Telehealth Podiatry in Nashville, TN?

Telehealth Podiatry in Nashville, TN, helps you consult your problem with licensed professionals who have immense experience in the medical field. We guide you to choose the best treatment option and support you throughout your treatment and healing journey.

Can Telehealth Podiatry Prescribe Medication for My Ingrown Toenail Through a Virtual Visit?

We prescribe antibiotics if we believe that your problem can’t be treated without them. The medications will depend on your level of problem.

How Can I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

You can prevent ingrown toenails by choosing comfortable shoes and cutting your nails appropriately. Taking good care of your toenails helps you permanently prevent ingrown nails.


In a nutshell, ingrown portions of your nails can be avoided with little care. However, if you suffer from fungus infection or damage to surrounding soft tissues, treat ingrown toenails with the help of a doctor.

Telehealth Podiatry offers you virtual visits to provide ingrown toenail treatment options. A virtual visit not only saves you time and energy but also helps you decide whether you need surgical procedures. We provide over-the-counter medications or other options based on your needs. Keep in mind if it’s left untreated, it can get severe. So, book an appointment online today!

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